Our School

Bright Spot Preschool is a non-profit preschool center, state licensed and non-sectarian. We offer traditional half day morning sessions and an educationally enriched extended day program. This does not mean that we are a day care center but rather the hour and a half extension allows for a richer educational experience. Our goal has always been to provide educationally sound programs for preschool and kindergarten age children that will foster a strong foundation and love of learning.

Traditional Program

One needs only a short observation in a traditional nursery school to see the joy children exhibit in playing with blocks, trucks, dolls, dress-up, puppets, etc. Children work hard at this play, and it is quite necessary to their total development.

Bright Spot offers children the chance to meet regularly with a group of children— sharing learning and playing happily together. We believe that it is the responsibility of the Bright Spot Faculty to help these young children learn and gain confidence in themselves.

"Pretend play" is just one aspect of our traditional program. Discussions, music, dance, science, and social studies are an everyday part of the curriculum. Monthly notices will explain to the parents the general topics being taught. Toys, props and materials for creative play by and among children are in abundance. Our intent is to provide each student with a secure, enriching, educational environment that will foster their love of learning and educational growth.

Academic Programs

Research in the field of developmental psychology has pointed toward evidence that children learn more rapidly from birth to age six than at any other time in their lives. This statement does not imply that children should therefore be pressured into learning the 3R's at an early age. At Bright Spot we have prepared an environment of materials geared to stimulate an interest in reading-readiness, printing and number skills. State certified teachers follow a structured curriculum that is developmentally appropriate, meeting and challenging students’ individual needs and interests. Some learning activities may be done individually, other activities are done in small groups. Teachers carefully guide and direct children, making the Bright Spot learning experience enjoyable and rewarding.

No one can foresee the needs and abilities of all the children in a preschool classroom. Parents have difficulty in guessing what type of preschool environment is best for their child. Bright Spot provides an environment that will enhance the student’s total social, emotional, intellectual, physical and creative development.