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When considering a preschool or kindergarten it is important to look at the experience of the staff and the length of time teachers have been at the school. Bright Spot teachers are not only highly qualified, but have a considerable amount of experience and are committed to the Bright Spot experience.

Mrs. Genaurio

Marie Genuario is the head teacher for the three day (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) four year old extended/traditional Pre-K class. She also is an assistant teacher in the (Tuesday/Thursday) extended/traditional three year old class. Marie has been a member of the Bright Spot Preschool board since 2003. She brings more than 20 years teaching experience.

Mrs. Heininger

Chris Heininger teaches the 2-day, 3-day, and 4/5-day reading enrichment programs. Chris has been a member of the Bright Spot family for 11 years. She currently serves on the board and was an assistant teacher prior to creating and teaching the reading enrichment program. As a Wilson Reading System certified teacher, Chris developed the multisensory reading enrichment program with the idea that learning to read is fun and active.

Mrs. Palmer

Chris Palmer is the head teacher for the Kindergarten class at Bright Spot and assists with the Pre-K class. Chris also serves as the Director for the school. She has taught in the public school and preschools for over 23 years.

Mrs. O'Brien

Cyndi Lyn O'Brien is the head teacher for the extended/traditional two day (Tuesday/Thursday) three year old classroom. She assists teaching in the three day (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) four year old classroom. Cyndi Lyn has her masters in special education. She has 23 years of teaching experience. She joined the Bright Spot Family 6 years ago.

Mrs. Bentman

Tanya Bentman is the head teacher for the four day Pre-Kindergarten program. She has been part of the Bright Spot family for 3 years. Her previous experience includes teaching kindergarten in the Upper Darby School District.

Mrs. Barbuto

Mary Barbuto offers an opportunity for the children to develop basic music skills through singing, rhythm activities, and creative movement. She brings 23 years of experience working with children in various musical settings.

Mrs. Davidson, Teacher Emeritae

Sue Davidson is the co-founder of Bright Spot Preschool & Kindergarten in 1976. Sue became the owner in 1978 and converted the school to a non-profit education program. She was the head teacher of one of the top rated preschools in Eastern Massachusetts and also served as a coach at Dover Country Day School. Sue retired in June, 2013 after more than forty years of teaching in early childhood education. She will remain on as Bright Spots' Board of Director through 2018.

Teacher's Aides

Kristen Grohe, Marla Kline and Barbara Hennessey are teacher's aides and are an invaluable part of the Bright Spot family. They assist the head teachers with classroom activities, preparing materials and providing extra assistance or monitoring of the students.